Admin Portal

The KBMax CPQ Admin Portal contains all of the tools needed to create and manage users, products, configurators, workflows, and a variety of other settings.


The web-based admin portal is accessed by users with the "Company Administrator" role by clicking the gear as shown below. Clicking the gear opens the admin portal and takes you directly to the Configurators page within.

The admin portal is accessible in development, test, and production environments, but functions differently in test and production than it does in development.

In KBMax, there are two overarching types of information: data and behaviors.

  • Data is specific to the environment you are in and must be maintained separately across the development, test, and production environments. Data includes items like users, quotes, and contacts and is editable via the admin portal across all 3 environments.
  • Behaviors are information like settings, rules, and catalog information which are read-only in the test and production environments. During deployment, the behaviors you select as part of the deployment are sent from one environment to the next, usually from development to test to production. While in the test or production admin portal, behaviors will only be viewable, not editable.

The admin portal is grouped into the following sections:

Users and Roles

The Users and Roles section allows you to create and manage users, assign them roles, and control KBMax permissions and channels.

Products Group

The Products Group in the KBMax admin portal allows you to manage your catalog of products and configurators.


The Resources section is where common files and other data reside, available for use throughout KBMax.

Quotes and Workflows

The Quotes and Workflows section is where you manage all the settings which define how quotes look, behave, and progress through workflows.


In the Settings section you will find global settings for KBMax CPQ. These settings affect the behavior of the KBMax platform and allow you to customize it.


The Infrastructure section contains tools that allow you to do routine maintenance on KBMax CPQ.

3D Scenes

3D Scenes are a powerful visualization tool used in KBMax configurators.